AliExpress and Amazon are the two popular online platforms serving their customers with a broad range of products. As a regular customer on BOTH sites, we can say fairly that AliExpress is more viable for your money. The main reason we support Ali, is because they offer a much wider range of products in the same market and is 99% of the time cheaper than Amazon.

Let us talk about the two companies and find out their pros and cons to make a comparison between them:


The AliExpress platform is an online store which is the subsidiary of the Alibaba Group. It is an online Chinese company that offers a perfect platform for businesses to reach their customers and offers a broad range of products to its clients. Jack Ma is the founder and owner of the company who launched this business back in 1999 with a small store Further, AliExpress was initiated in 2010 which aimed at offering a huge number of Chinese products to the world. Offering goods with the Chinese business origin, it is the largest retail platform in the world. It is most visited in Russia and many eastern countries.

Similar to Amazon, the platform works on the same rule showing up goods on the platforms, showing the sellers ratings, customer reviews making it easier for the customer to buy anything. Let us talk about the Pros and Cons of AliExpress:


  • There are a wide variety of products available that too at affordable rates. The availability of cheaper stuff lets the shoppers look out to tons of products and choose the best ones for themselves.
  • The products seem to appear same as to what they are shown in the images on the site. So, there are minimal unpleasant surprises one can expect while receiving the package from AliExpress.


  • You have to be very careful when choosing a specific size for holes items or shoes. Everything is shipped from China so returning a product can be a real pain.
  • The websites are filled with copied brands and fake products that mimic the originals. The prices are great but finding high-quality product may need further attention from your part, take a look around at similar products, don’t rush things just because the price is great.


Amazon is truly giant of the online retail industry, having the second most popular ads network after Google ads, surprising Walmart in the United States but also making huge innovator steps towards new technologies. Let us find out what pros and cons do Amazon hold:


  • Amazon allows only good quality products to be listed on their online store so there is a low risk factor involving badly manufactured products.
  • Lighting fast delivery for most western countries.
  • Customer satisfaction is everything and both Amazon and the sellers may do everything in their power to keep you happy.


  • You still need to pay close attention to the sellers you want to buy from. You may want to watch out to those that have a lot of negative ratings, reading buyer’s experience with their products.
  • The delivery for some countries Amazon is not present in may take a couple of days.
  • Products may have higher prices compared with similar websites that offer similar brands or products.

Final word

Though the online platforms have benefited the market vastly, there persists some cons that make the customer think rapidly before ordering a product. However, one can still rely on these websites as they are known for their services and have mostly received positive ratings.